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Turn Key Hologram Project Line. Our sole objective is to make State of the Art Products at affordable cost.

Raw Materials of Hologram

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[A] Chromium film for hologram
[B] Black foil for number plate
[C] Void film

  • Other Raw Materials

[A] Glass Plate & Photo Resist Glass Plate For Hologram Shooting
[B] Poly Carbonate Sheet & Die For Hologram Recombination
[C] Ready Chemical, Nickel Ball, Hardneer, Nickel Basket, 3M Metal Tapes For Electroforming Process.
[D] Hologram Embossing Rollers

[E] Hologram Nickel Master For Hologram Embossing
[F] Hologram Nickel Shim For Hologram Embossing
[G] Hologram Sticker Cutting Die
[H] Hot Stamping Hologram Die
[I] UV Light With Controller [Mercury / Led]

We Develop Turn-Key Manufacturing Plants So You Can Focus On Your Business

Turn-Key Manufacturing Plants for Roll Vacuum Metalizing of Films & Paper and Narrow Web & Wide Web Hologram Embossing Lines and Allied Equipments.
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